A particular specialism is the service we offer in the area of voluntary public auctions, public and sealed-bid auctions subject to registration, as well as foreclosure auctions, especially of property subject to registration (residential property, commercial property and ships).

A structured and transparent approach
The exceptional and complicated circumstances in which foreclosure sales in particular take place demand a structured and transparent approach, where it is all about finding the best possible solution to the problem. After all, a properly conducted foreclosure sale is usually the only solution, but not always the best one.

Together we identify pitfalls
Together with the client - before proceeding to execution - all pitfalss in the picture. In particular, retention rights, bankruptcies in which the bankruptcy trustee imposes a deadline, non-cooperating claimants, associations of owners, (illegal) tenants, squatters, fraud, illegal plantations and similar problems can have major negative consequences. Appropriate solutions have been devised for this.