A particular specialism is the service we offer in the area of voluntary public auctions, public and sealed-bid auctions subject to registration, as well as foreclosure auctions, especially of property subject to registration (residential property, commercial property and ships).

A structured and transparent approach
The exceptional and complicated circumstances in which foreclosure sales in particular take place demand a structured and transparent approach, where it is all about finding the best possible solution to the problem. After all, a properly conducted foreclosure sale is usually the only solution, but not always the best one. To deal with these situations, our firm has developed, together with various clients in the financial sector, a nationwide action plan. We can of course manage the entire foreclosure sale if desired, but sometimes clients prefer to involve their own or a local civil-law notary. This is no problem whatsoever. We enjoy working with a large network of local notaries where we act as the central point of contact for clients.