Elle van Gompel

Assigned Civil-Law notary

Elle van Gompel was appointed as assigned civil-law notary in January 2016 and specialises in family property law. She is also a certified Estate Planner.

As well as drafting wills, living wills, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements, Elle advises private individuals and entrepreneurs on matters of Estate Planning. This involves a wide range of issues, such as how to pass on assets to the next generation and arrange control of the assets. In such work she aims to achieve synergy between the corporate structure and provisions under family law in prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, wills, living wills and instruments of donation.

Elle also assists families in settling estates or acts as a party-appointed adviser. She is particularly interested in cases with an international character.

Aside from her work as assigned civil-law notary, Elle is a committee member of the Association of Estate Planners in the Notarial Profession (Vereniging van Estate Planners in het Notariaat, EPN) and regularly publishes in a variety of professional journals. She is a regular contributor to ‘Estate Planner Digitaal’ and ‘Vakblad Estate Planning’.

phone 010 2240 965

email elle.vangompel@vhnv.nl

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