Rogier van Heeswijk

Civil-law Notary

Rogier van Heeswijk is a civil-law notary at Van Heeswijk Notarissen N.V. In this role he has specialised above all in the area of distressed real estate and security interests in general and foreclosure sales of property subject to registration in particular (voluntary auctions or auctions on the grounds of mortgage repossessions or seizures under foreclosure). He is also very active in business law, the interface of the law relating to property subject to registration and business law, anonymity structures and corporate recovery.

Since January 2005, Rogier has worked for several large international firms in both property law and international business law. His focus on the area where these disciplines overlap allows him, either independently or in collaboration with your tax adviser, to provide comprehensive advice on all kinds of transactions, whether it concerns interests in legal entities or a transfer or transmission of property.

Rogier also has considerable affinity with the law of Bonaire and CuraƧao and maintains a large network of local consultants to enable him, within his expertise, to offer as comprehensive advice as possible in these areas of law. Anonymity structures are central here, not least within the context of the UBO register, although a foreign legal person is not always required for such a structure.

Rogier graduated in notarial and tax law from Radboud University Nijmegen (2004) and Tilburg University (2005) respectively. He also successfully completed a postgraduate course in Business Law from the Grotius Academy.

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