Wilbert Mooren

Assigned Civil-Law notary

Wilbert Mooren (1973) works as an assigned civil-law notary. He specialises in commercial property and is also involved in foreclosure sales of property subject to registration.

Wilbert graduated in notarial law from Leiden University and successfully completed the postgraduate course in Property from the Grotius Academy in 2007.
In 2001, Wilbert began his career as a junior civil-law notary at one of the larger Dutch firms of civil-law notaries, following which he joined Van Heeswijk Notarissen N.V. in May 2005. Over the years he has specialised in commercial transaction practice and property development, where he advises on all aspects of law that may play a role, particularly divisions into apartment rights. He also has extensive experience in turnover tax and transfer tax matters.

Wilbert’s clients are mainly medium-sized companies, but he is also pleased to assist small property companies and private investors. He aims for a solution-oriented, but above all a personal approach.

phone 010 2240 934

email wilbert.mooren@vhnv.nl

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