Wim de Jong

Civil-Law Notary

Wim de Jong graduated in 1992 from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Economic Studies), specialising in economics and law. He went on to study at Utrecht University where he graduated in 1996 with distinction in notarial law. Following his graduation he worked as a junior civil-law notary at one of the large multidisciplinary firms. In December 2000 he made the move together with Vic van Heeswijk to Van Heeswijk c.s., and in 2002 he begun a partnership with Vic van Heeswijk, which formed the basis of the present Van Heeswijk Notarissen N.V. In 2004 he was appointed as a civil-law notary in Rotterdam.

Wim has specialised in commercial property and property development. He supervises commercial property transactions, issues of leasehold land and/or buildings, complex divisions into apartment rights and property financing, often working closely with tax advisers, lawyers and/or corporate counsels. He also acts as a party-appointed adviser where required.

phone 010-2240935

email wim.dejong@vhnv.nl