Corporate Law

In the area of company law, we focus above all on medium-sized and larger companies. We are particularly experienced in dealing with complex transactions, and thanks to our low overheads and a well-structured approach we can settle the more standard transactions on competitive terms.

Standard transactions
Standard transactions concern, for example, the formation of ‘ordinary’ private limited companies (BVs), public limited companies (NVs), associations and foundations, or share transfer transactions. For arranging regularly recurring transactions, we guarantee prompt action and quality at highly competitive rates.

And more complex procedures
The more complex transactions we deal with include legal mergers and divisions, (major) acquisitions, restructurings, employee participations, complex financing structures and capital venture transactions. We have wide-ranging experience and expertise to manage these transactions at both local and international level.

Family Law

Our work involving the law of persons and family law covers such matters as drawing up wills, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, cohabitation contracts, living wills and instruments of donations.
We also assist and advise families in settling estates, acting either as an independent civil-law notary appointed to handle the estate’s division or as a party-appointed adviser.

Much of our work consists of advising wealthy individuals and entrepreneurs in matters of Estate Planning. This involves a wide range of issues, such as how to pass on assets to the next generation and arrange control of the assets. In such work we always seek to achieve synergy between the corporate structure and the provisions under family law.

We also deal with cases of an international nature. Examples are drawing up wills for clients owning a home abroad, drafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements for couples of different nationalities, and settling the estate of a Dutch citizen who had been living abroad

Commercial Property

Van Heeswijk Notarissen is specialised like no other in the area of commercial property and property development. Often it involves situations where property is tied up in companies. In many cases, the combination of legal, financial and tax aspects plays a role in deciding on the correct form a transaction should take. During recent years, we have built up a solid track record in this area and in our ability to offer inventive and responsible solutions to complex issues

Discussing together to achieve a planned approach
By consulting and working closely with the initiators and other specialists involved (accountants, tax experts) at an early stage, we can develop a planned approach, decide on the right construction and keep costs down.


A particular specialism is the service we offer in the area of voluntary public auctions, public and sealed-bid auctions subject to registration, as well as foreclosure auctions, especially of property subject to registration (residential property, commercial property and ships).

A structured and transparent approach
The exceptional and complicated circumstances in which foreclosure sales in particular take place demand a structured and transparent approach, where it is all about finding the best possible solution to the problem. After all, a properly conducted foreclosure sale is usually the only solution, but not always the best one.

Together we identify pitfalls
Together with the client - before proceeding to execution - all pitfalss in the picture. In particular, retention rights, bankruptcies in which the bankruptcy trustee imposes a deadline, non-cooperating claimants, associations of owners, (illegal) tenants, squatters, fraud, illegal plantations and similar problems can have major negative consequences. Appropriate solutions have been devised for this.


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